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"Honoured geologists of the Russian Federation»

Authors: Y. A. Saliensky, B. P. Chesnokov – the Museum of Geology of Central Siberia

Photos and materials from the archives of the Museum of Geology of Central Siberia and V. Nekosa.

Krasnoyarsk region is the oldest mining region in Russia. Labors of many thousands of geologists from the pioneer-prospectors to modern specialists have created a powerful mineral base of the country, including 22 kinds of minerals: fuel and energy, ferrous, non-ferrous, precious, rare and rare earth metals, agroores, diamond, graphite, magnesite, talc and other, which are the basis of the construction industry. In terms of production of gold, platinum group metals, copper, Nickel, cobalt and other mineral resources of Krasnoyarsk Krai occupies the leading place in Russia.

For outstanding successes in studying and development of a subsoil of Krasnoyarsk Krai work of many geologists of the production and research organizations is noted by high awards of the country. But there is such an honorary award, which deserves high respect specialists: "Honoured geologist the USSR." This title was introduced in Soviet times, but in 1995, on the basis of the Decree of the President of the Russian Federation № 1341 from 13.12.95 this honorary title, maintaining its former value, received a different status: "honored geologist of the Russian Federation."

According to the existing Provisions No. 1341 dated December 30, 1995 the Honorary title "Honored geologist of the Russian Federation" is assigned to highly professional workers for merits in development of geological exploration production, strengthening of mineral-raw material base, scientific substantiation of directions of prospecting works, prospecting, discovery, exploration and industrial development of mineral deposits, development and introduction of environmentally sound technologies, training, working in geological organizations and research institutions 15 years or more.

We want to tell readers about our fellow countrymen "Honored geologists of the Russian Federation", who made a huge contribution to the creation of the mineral base of the country.