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 Russia is one of the largest producers of these metals - it accounts for about 1/3 of the world production of Nickel and platinoids. The main mineral resource potential is located in the North of the region-Norilsk industrial district. In the Norilsk area of developed deposits of Noril'sk-1, Talnakh and Oktyabrsky deposits. In addition to copper, Nickel, cobalt and platinum group metals, it produces 14% of the gold in Krasnoyarsk region. Norilsk metallogenic zone has not exhausted its resource potential. Large resources in technogenic formations "tails" of mining and metallurgical enterprises of Norilsk combine.

    As a source of reserves growth is considered Imaggine-Leninskaya (Kureiskaya) metallogenic zone prospective Igarskiy metrony district. On the South of Krasnoyarsk region in Sayan V. identified new promising Kingash Nickel district with similar mineralization of the Norilsk deposits. The resource potential of the field is large: over 1000 thousand tons of Nickel, 500 thousand tons of copper and 40 tons of platinoids.


    RSFSR takes the 1st place in the world on production of aluminum, but does not have corresponding to these scales of stocks of raw materials, capacities on its production and production of alumina, and the largest plants are not provided with raw materials in due measure.

   Bauxite. Deposits in the Krasnoyarsk territory are distributed in the Angaro-Yenisei province (Yenisei ridge and adjacent Siberian platform) in the lower reaches of the PP. P. Tunguska and Angara, up to Chadobetskaya raising. As of 01.01.1995 on the territory of Krasnoyarsk Krai the state balance accounts for three bauxite mines in Chadobetskiy group (Central, Punya, Imgindex). The largest part of bauxite is concentrated in the Central field, which is located 120 km from the village of Boguchany, AL2 O3 content-36.5%. Possible testing in an open way. the bauxite reserves of industrial categories account for 55.1 million tonnes in environments. the content of aluminum oxide 36,9%.

    Angara balance includes three fields (Porozhinskoe, Verkhoturovskoe, Kyrgiakos), the bauxite reserves account for approximately 28.2 million tons with an average content of aluminium oxide is 42.8%. Porozhinskoe field leading in the Angara region, the content of Al2 O3 and 43.6%.

    The most appropriate exploitation of Chadobetskaya field. In priangare reserves are not significant. Recently, the gold content of bauxite deposits has been revealed.

   In General, the explored reserves of bauxite in the Krasnoyarsk territory are quite large, but they are located in undeveloped areas that do not have developed infrastructure.

    Nepheline ores. The Deposit was established in the Central part of the Yenisei ridge – Sredne-Tatarskoye. Nepheline ores are a reserve base. Today Achinsk alumina refinery uses the high-grade ore (urtites) Kiya-Saltykovo Deposit (Kemerovo region). Can be used after enrichment Goryachegorsk ore.


    In CIS countries zinc reserves are concentrated in Kazakhstan – 21,9%, Russia 19,5%; lead in Kazakhstan – 60%, Russia – 26,6%. There are three polymetallic provinces in Krasnoyarsk territory: Taimyr, Yenisei and East Sayan.

     The Yenisei province. The largest Gorevskoye field is located here. Ore reserves amount to 122,8 million tons of Content in the ores of lead – 5,18%, zinc – 1,58%, cadmium is 0.004%, of the silver to 40.5 g/t Total inferred resources of the province of 2390 lead kt zinc kt 4210 field fulfills JSC "Gorevsky GOK" in 2000 enforced the quarry with the capacity of 400 thousand tons of ore per year.

  Taimyr province. (Western part of Taimyr Peninsula). Deposits: Guerrilla, Severe. Projected resources of lead and zinc at 500 thousand tons, silver 200-400 tons.
   The East Sayan province. Leibin ore occurrences, lead and zinc content is 5-7%, silver to

silver up to 100 g/t.