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Since December 4, 2017 in the renewed hall of the Museum there is an exhibition "Territory of gold", telling about the history of gold mining in Central Siberia, the types of gold ores of our region, as well as about modern technologies of gold mining. The project is sponsored by ZAO "Polyus".

The exhibition deals with 8 formation types of gold deposits, which are isolated on the territory of the Krasnoyarsk territory. Samples of gold-bearing rocks of various formation types, collected from numerous occurrences of the region, give an idea of the natural distribution of gold in the earth's crust. The exhibits of the Museum, selected and brought from gold deposits, amaze with their originality, uniqueness and, of course, aesthetics. It should be noted that these exhibits are rare and particularly valuable, they carry a large scientific component. The programme also includes the screening of a film about gold mining "a Gold Pole".

The duration of the program is 60 minutes.